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Sponsor a puppy on its journey to become a life-changing assistance dog for a disabled person.

Canine Partner puppies

Coronavirus Update - Spring 2020

Our puppies need your support more than ever.

The current crisis means more pressure on our funds and an uncertain future ahead. Our partners also face uncertainty with greater isolation and health concerns – in these circumstances a canine partner is a real lifeline. We don't want to reduce our support at a time when it is needed most. We need the funds to continue to train dogs and create & maintain partnerships. The journey starts with our puppies so please, sponsor a pup today and help secure our future.

Important – Welcome Pack update – see below

How will our puppies transform lives?

Canine partners are carefully matched to the applicants' needs and lifestyle, no matter how challenging. They are trained to help with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, unloading the washing machine, picking up dropped items, pressing buttons and switches and fetching help in an emergency. They can even help people to get undressed and remove a card from an ATM. In addition to these amazing everyday tasks they bring their partners increased confidence, independence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.

Puppy and companion


Canine Partners dog reaching into fridge

Reaching the fridge

Canine Partners dog putting bowl into sink

Tidying up

Canine Partners dog helpling with shopping

Helping in the shops

Puppy sniffing

How Keith transformed my life

Martin, a lecturer from West Sussex, who has a spinal injury, said:

“Before Keith, there was a slow underlying deterioration in my physical ability and confidence which at first I ignored but this was placing an ever greater dependency on my family.

When I met Keith I knew instantly this was the dog for me. With his beautiful pink nose and soft eyes, I was hooked.

To say Keith has transformed my life would be an understatement. He has given me confidence, purpose, enthusiasm and brightened up my future.

How can I possibly feel negative about what lies ahead when Keith puts his head on my knee and looks up with his big brown eyes?”

Keith and Martin
Puppies playing tug-o-war

How your sponsorship will help

As Canine Partners receives no government funding, we rely solely on public donations and legacies to keep creating these life-transforming partnerships. We have lots of very deserving people on our waiting list, who want a canine partner to help them regain their independence, but we can only help them with your support.

Each partnership costs £30,000, from selection as a puppy right through to the dog's retirement.

Your sponsorship will help cover the £7,500 it costs to take an amazing puppy on its initial journey to the start of advanced training.

Puppy timeline
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  • Puppy


  • Puppy


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Frequently asked questions

  • Are these real canine partner puppies in training?

    Yes, but we have changed their names to protect the personal information of those involved.

  • How easy is it to sponsor a Canine Partners puppy?

    Really easy. Just follow the link at the top of the page 'Sponsor a pup'.

  • Am I the only person sponsoring this Canine Partners puppy?

    It costs £7,500 to put a future working canine partner puppy through its puppy training, so the idea of our My Amazing Puppy scheme is to give you and others like you the opportunity to help co-fund the training of one of our amazing puppies.

  • How will I keep in touch with my puppy's progress?

    We'll send you an introduction pack when you first join, which will include a cute dog toy, a certificate and a gorgeous photograph of your chosen puppy. We'll then send you further pupdates throughout the year to let you know how your chosen puppy is getting on. Once your chosen puppy has made it to advanced training you can continue with the scheme and be transferred to one of the new puppy recruits available at the time. Approximately a year later you will hear from your original puppy celebrating their partnership, showing how our amazing dogs transform lives.

  • When will I receive my 'My Amazing Puppy Pack'?

    It can take up to 7 working days for your pack to arrive. If it is a gift for a birthday or special event, please let us know when it needs to arrive by and we can do our best to get it there on time.

  • Will I be able to meet my puppy?

    Unfortunately you won't be able to meet your chosen puppy. It's really important that each Canine Partners puppy is able to fully concentrate on its puppy training.

  • When will I receive my first pupdate?

    You will receive your first pupdate a few months after you join the programme.

  • How often will I receive pupdates?

    You will receive your pupdates every three months.

  • Can I sponsor more than one Canine Partners puppy?

    Absolutely! We will always have two puppies for you to sponsor, and these will change on a three monthly basis, so you will be able to collect as many Canine Partners puppies as you like!

  • How much of my chosen puppy's training will I hear about?

    We will share with you the full 12 months of your chosen puppy's puppy training. From eight weeks to approximately 14 months when he or she will progress into 'big school', or as we call it, advanced training. We will then send you information about the new puppies that you could sponsor should you choose to continue supporting the programme.

  • How do you name the puppies?

    We have a very simple process of naming our puppies and that's by going through the alphabet! The very first four puppies to start their training to become a canine partner were called Angus, Amos, Alfred and Alex, and we've been around the alphabet many times since!

  • What happens after 12 months?

    After 12 months your canine partner puppy will move on into advanced training. At this point we will contact you to offer you another puppy to sponsor and will write to you with his or her details.

  • What happens in advanced training?

    Advanced training takes approximately three months and this is where our amazing dogs turn everything they learnt with their volunteer puppy parent into the skills that will enable them to go on and transform the life of someone with a disability.

  • What happens if my canine partner doesn't make it through his or her training?

    Canine Partners has an excellent pass rate with around seven in 10 dogs going on to become a fully trained canine partner who will change the life of someone with a disability. If your puppy doesn't make it through its training, and perhaps isn't deemed suitable to become a working dog for another charity or organisation, it will be re-homed with a loving family.

  • Where will you use my money?

    Your generous donations will go towards funding the puppy training of a Canine Partners puppy. This money will help towards covering the cost of puppy food, training and veterinary bills.

  • How can I pay for my puppy sponsorship?

    The easiest way is to set up a monthly direct debit for £4.34 which equates to as little as £1 a week. Alternatively, you can make a one-off payment of a minimum of £60. You can also choose to donate a larger amount if you wish. All the money including and on top of the £4.34 a month minimum figure will go towards your year's sponsorship.

  • When will I stop paying the direct debit?

    Your donations via direct debit will be taken on a continuous monthly basis until you decide to stop your membership. You can, of course, cancel your membership at any time by contacting your bank. When your puppy has completed his or her puppy training, you will automatically be transferred and introduced to one of the new puppy recruits on the scheme at that time.

  • Can I gift aid my membership?

    If you're a UK taxpayer all you need to do is complete the Gift Aid information as you sign up for membership. We can then claim Gift Aid on all donations you have made in the last four calendar years until further notice. To qualify for Gift Aid you must pay an amount of UK income and or capital gains tax equal to the amount we reclaim on your donations in that tax year. Please notify us if your tax circumstances change. Thank you.

  • Do you always use Labrador puppies for canine partners?

    The most widely used breeds for a canine partner are Labradors, golden retrievers or Labrador/retriever crosses. We do have some poodle crosses to support those partnerships that may suffer from allergies.

  • Can I buy additional toys?

    Additional toys are available to purchase for £7.50 through the Canine Partner's shop on our website - Each new membership will receive the introduction pack which will include a cute dog toy, a certificate and a gorgeous photograph of your chosen puppy. Once you are a member of the scheme new toys are not sent out when you are transferred to a new recruit.